Beats for Venus

by DJ Baba James

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released February 13, 2015



all rights reserved


DJ Baba James Seattle, Washington

Combining smart danceable Hiplife grooves with Bollywood filigrees, DJ Baba James writes love songs about nachos.

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Track Name: The Amazing Tekyuman
Aliens send to me the mothership
I need to take a trans-galactic trip
My soul's grown tired of all the oil and cash
I want to fly to the sun and use no gas

Nautilus Captain Nemo send her to me
I want to go 10, 000 leagues under the sea
It's time I made my life aquatic
Because living on land is not doing it for me

Solution for putting a stop to wars
Shift violence to reverse take a new course
Pay builders of bombs in kind not cash
Demolish with their products weapons plants

Conflict would be better simplified
With musical competitions we could decide
Victory would not got to who can kill well
But to whoever makes the music that's most beautiful

If there can't be dance what purpose revolution?
We need some fresh grooves and we need evolution
Coelacanth's dance in imagination
Cyanophyta is my inspiration

Life's a free and subtle phenomenon
Happening everywhere and in everyone
Infinite in number are the possibilities
Every moment possesses new opportunities

I want to live
The life I want to live
I want to fly
beyond the sky

I want to see
The depths of the sea
I want to touch
The stars that gave birth to me